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The first edition of the award-winning tabletop game based on the novels by J.R.R. Tolkien and published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment.


Ruins of the North, What Lies Beneath written with Richard Harrison

Adventurer's Companion, Contributing Author


Journeys & Maps, Contributing Author


An award-winning tabletop

role-playing game published by Modiphius Entertainment.


Star Trek Adventures Starter Set, A Star Beyond the Stars


These Are The Voyages,

A World With A Bluer Sun

Strange New World.png

Strange New Worlds,

Plato's Cave

Star Trek Adventure.png

Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook, Contributing Author

A Forest Apart.jpg

A Forest Apart

Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook, Contributing Author


A historical-fantasy role-playing game set in a world where the Roman Empire never fell. Published by Quality Games.

Mysteries of the Empire.png

Mysteries of the Empire,

Eye of the Cyclops


Forts & Frontiers

A historical role-playing game set in 17th and 18th century North America, based on the D&D 5E rules set. Forthcoming from Campaign Games.


The Feast of the Dead, Starter Scenario written with Jameson Proctor —Available on Free RPG Day and now at DriveThru RPG.

Beowulf Logo.png

A critically acclaimed tabletop role-playing game setting based on one of the oldest recorded stories in Western Europe. Published by Handiwork Games.

Horror at Herrogate Cover Art.png

Horror at Herrogate

Available at DriveThru RPG.

Watch Campaign Coins’ actual play on YouTube


A role-playing game about survival in mankind's most desperate hour. Published by Free League

The Survivors.png
Safe Haven.png

The Survivors

 available at DriveThru RPG.

Safe Haven

 available at DriveThru RPG.

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